A Spy Phone Can Protect Your Business From Unfaithful Employees

Sometimes, employees are a business’s worst enemy. We are not talking about endless negotiations with trade unions and the like, but rather about situations in which staff members or sales representatives are playing on two tables at the same time. In such cases, technology ends us a hand. How? With a Spy Phone!

For example, a similar story happened to a local celebrity in my region, owner of one of the largest furniture factories in the area. Its factory employs some sales representatives, constantly touring the country to manage orders, show new products and so on. Agents are bound by an exclusivity contract, so they can only work for this company.

Suddenly, one of the sales reps’ figures started going down. Nothing wrong with that, everyone has ups and downs, thought the boss. When he noticed that this was a continuing trend for more than a few months, while everyone else’s figures were on the up and up, something smelled fishy to him.

How could he find out what was wrong, without raising any suspicion? He found the answer almost by accident, while surfing the Net, when he stepped into a spy cellphone. But what is exactly a spy cellphone? At a first glance, it looks exactly the same as a normal cellphone, and indeed it is the same, at least on the outside.

The difference is hidden, and it lies into a secretly installed piece of software, completely invisible, which turn any of your ordinary mobile phones into spy cellphones, allowing you to listen to its conversations, wherever you are, directly on your mobile!

In fact, you just need to send an SMS to control its operations: by sending a message from your phone (whose number must be preset as “monitoring number” when installing the software), you can set parameters and functions of the spy phone. You will be informed (still via SMS) whenever the spy mobile is engaged in a conversation, both incoming and outgoing. At that point, you will just have to call the spy cellphone from your monitoring number, and you are able to listen to the call live!

It is also possible to receive copies of any SMS sent or received; lists of all numbers called, or even (for models which support GPS positioning system) the spy phone’s geographical coordinates , and pinpoint its exact location.
Another very important function allows you to use the spy cellphone as an environmental bug, which would listen to the conversations taking place around the phone.

In short, this is a complete surveillance package into a normal cellphone. Our guy used it to monitor his sales representative’s activity for a couple of months, until he found out that, while visiting clients, he was also showing products coming from a competitor. These products had lower price and quality, but the guy was obviously getting a more profitable commission on those sales.

Of course, the cooperation was immediately terminated, and a new agent was hired, who took care of the same clients’ portfolio. Miraculously, the sales figures went back to their normal level… and all this, thanks to an invisible friend!

Spy Phone Software: A Serious Business Problem

The main reason that spy phone software is a growing problem in business is that everyone has a cell phone, from the person in the mailroom to the CEO. Smart phones are everywhere and it is a rare executive or manager who does not have a Blackberry or an iPhone. Any one of these phones can have spyware on them – known or unknown to the person who owns the phone.

This software, installed on a phone, gives the spy access to a lot of information about a company and leaves no trace of who is responsible or even if confidential information has been leaked. The spy could be a dishonest employee or a loyal employee who does not know that the spyware has been installed on the phone.

What Spy Software Can Do

Information is power, and if your competitor knows your every move and can listen in on confidential meetings and decisions, they will have a tremendous advantage. Yes it is illegal. It is also very easy to do and very difficult to get caught. Employees found with spyware on their phones can claim that they did not install it and did not know it was there. This would be very hard to check, if you could detect the spyware to begin with.

Spyware installed covertly on the phone of a CEO or top executive of the company would enable the spy to listen in to confidential conversations near the phone. A competitor with access to this information could cause a lot of damage.

Removing the spyware from your own phone, does not address the problem of the dishonest employee who may be selling information gained through the spyware. Client lists, lawyers, business partners, and all the conversations with these people are no longer confidential.

Protection From Spying

What kinds of steps can be taken to protect the confidential information? Banning all cell phones from the work place would be punishing innocent people who need their phones to do their work and keep in touch with family members.

The company could provide everyone with a smart phone and track all the phones provided. As owners of the phones, the company can legally monitor them – as long as the employees know this is being done. This would also put the company in a position to ask that all phones come in regularly to be wiped clean of any spyware that may have been installed covertly. These kinds of measures would increase everyone’s awareness of spying software and make it more difficult for spying to be carried on in the workplace.

To assume a conversation over a cell phone, or near a cell phone, is confidential is a mistake. Take precautions; don’t discuss confidential information on the phone or near a phone. Remember, you may not have spy software on your phone, but the other person may have it on theirs.

Spy Phone Software: How to Compare Services and Make the Right Choice For You

There are a number of types of spy phone software available depending on the brand of phone you are spying on, the information you want and the amount of money you have to spend.

Most of the programs require that you install a small application directly onto the phone you own and want to monitor. The software starts at every boot of the phone you are spying on, but remains hidden and does not show up in the running process list.

After the software is set up on the monitored phone, it will record an array of phone activities and then silently upload the data to your private online account using the Internet. When you want to view results, you simply login to the online control panel from any computer or smartphone and enter your username and password to continue.

There are three main differences in the spy software available. They are:

  1. How much and how often the customer pays: I found this to range from a one-time $60 payment with unlimited monitored phones to services that charge $50 three times a year and limits the phones to three. Other programs will charge hundreds of dollars a year for essentially the same services. All providers seem to have a sliding scale and charge more or less depending on the features provided.
  2. The Ease of Installation: Installation procedures vary from simple downloads to the phone to elaborate codes and text messaging to the monitored phone. One software took two hours to install. Check the installation procedure before you decide which software you want.
  3. The Guarantee: Guarantees range from 60 days, cash back, no questions asked,to 10 days, and even to all sales final with refund only if their techs cannot get the software to work.

For me, only one of these systems made any sense. Why pay two or three times as much with no guarantee that you will like it or that it will be easy to work with? Only one company has a one-time low-cost, with a 60 day cash back, no questions asked guarantee and no limit on the number of phones being spied on. How can they do this? Simple, they are not greedy, and they are marketing from a country where the cost of living is low. The profit margin does not have to be that high for them to do very well. Once the software development is paid for, there are very few costs – only the cost of marketing, and these people certainly know how to do that.