Spy Phones Software

Spy phones software used to be a thing of the future we could only come up with in sci-fi movies. But that future has arrived today, and this groundbreaking piece of technology can be yours!

Since the advent of this software technology all the way through its remarkable development, we have and will continue to marvel at this creation that can allow you to spy on just about anyone who has a mobile phone. The software, once installed in a mobile phone, will monitor the conversations that take place on the particular device. This way you can now keep a close eye on a troublesome employee, or track your spouse, or ensure the safety of your child, all at your fingertips through this powerful software.

The spy phones software working mechanism is simple, and once set-up, operates like clockwork. You don’t need to be a technical expert in order to retrieve the information you need. You simply log in to the system and – voila! – information in your hands. When you begin to use this system, you will be trained in all the aspects of manipulating the software to give you the information you need. The software will automatically alert you, usually by SMS, every time a phone call is made or received on the mobile phone under observation.

The technology behind spy phones software continues to advance, drawing vast expansions in its features. For example, the current software has incorporated a GPS tracking system, therefore allowing you to determine the exact location of the person. Not only will you be alerted when the calls are made or received, now you can also trace where it’s generated. With the persistence and effort put into developing this software further, the possibilities in unique features are endless!

Lastly, the highlight this spy phones software can claim is that it offers complete stealth. No one will ever suspect that they are being monitored. With this vital element, along with its many highly developed features, more and more consumers have decided to take the plunge and grab this opportunity to savor the advantages of this technology.

Spy Phone Software: How to Compare Services and Make the Right Choice For You

There are a number of types of spy phone software available depending on the brand of phone you are spying on, the information you want and the amount of money you have to spend.

Most of the programs require that you install a small application directly onto the phone you own and want to monitor. The software starts at every boot of the phone you are spying on, but remains hidden and does not show up in the running process list.

After the software is set up on the monitored phone, it will record an array of phone activities and then silently upload the data to your private online account using the Internet. When you want to view results, you simply login to the online control panel from any computer or smartphone and enter your username and password to continue.

There are three main differences in the spy software available. They are:

  1. How much and how often the customer pays: I found this to range from a one-time $60 payment with unlimited monitored phones to services that charge $50 three times a year and limits the phones to three. Other programs will charge hundreds of dollars a year for essentially the same services. All providers seem to have a sliding scale and charge more or less depending on the features provided.
  2. The Ease of Installation: Installation procedures vary from simple downloads to the phone to elaborate codes and text messaging to the monitored phone. One software took two hours to install. Check the installation procedure before you decide which software you want.
  3. The Guarantee: Guarantees range from 60 days, cash back, no questions asked,to 10 days, and even to all sales final with refund only if their techs cannot get the software to work.

For me, only one of these systems made any sense. Why pay two or three times as much with no guarantee that you will like it or that it will be easy to work with? Only one company has a one-time low-cost, with a 60 day cash back, no questions asked guarantee and no limit on the number of phones being spied on. How can they do this? Simple, they are not greedy, and they are marketing from a country where the cost of living is low. The profit margin does not have to be that high for them to do very well. Once the software development is paid for, there are very few costs – only the cost of marketing, and these people certainly know how to do that.

Spy Phone Software: Why Use It?

While no one wants to be covertly spied on, there are some uses for spy software that are legitimate and may not invade anyone’s privacy. If you install this software on your own phone then you have a possibility of finding it or getting it back if it has been stolen. This is a simple security issue.

If your child, or any member of your family, gets in trouble while they have their cell phone on them, then there is a chance you can help them. Privacy is not an issue if everyone has agreed on, and abides by ground rules. For example: no spying unless someone is missing, does not show up for an appointment, ignores a curfew or any other situation that has been agreed upon. If a child is abducted, and this happens, time is of the essence and statistics show that very few children survive the first critical hours. A cell phone with tracking gives the police and you a head start.

Everyone who has had teenagers knows that keeping in touch with parents when out and about is not a priority. The teen will know that if they don’t keep to the guidelines then someone will be looking for them on the cell. It can be a way to allow more freedom with less worry and is a win for everyone.

The Legal Use of Spy Phones

Right now, it is legal to spy on a cell phone if you are the owner of the phone. This means that it is legal to use the software to protect your family and your property. It is also legal to spy on business phones that you own. It is unclear whether it is legal to spy on your employees without their knowledge. Generally, people have to be informed if their conversations are being recorded.

Illegal Use of Spy Phones

Companies and websites selling spy phones carry disclaimers about the illegal use of spy software. They do not want to be liable for the illegal use of the spyware. At the same time, they give examples of how the phones can be used that cannot be anything but illegal. An example of a disclaimer:

Disclaimer: XXXX is a software program designed to gather information about a phone. You should be the legal owner of the phone or have permission from the user of the phone to install XXXX on it.

If you don’t comply with this, you may be breaking federal, state, or local laws, depending on where you live. User discretion and judgment is advised. By getting XXXX, you agree to use it for legal purposes only. You also agree to use the software at your sole discretion and responsibility, releasing XXXX from any legal responsibilities that result from your actions, including but not limited to loss of data and damage of equipment, as well as any legal consequences of your actions. Nothing explicit or implicit in this website will create a guarantee of any kind. In addition, you agree to release the XXXX team as individuals or as a company from any legal responsibility resulting from any damage in relationships or loss of capital that may be caused from the use of the software. The use of XXXXe will be taken as acceptance of this disclaimer.

This disclaimer makes it very clear that Company XXXX wants no responsibility for illegal use of their software. At the same time, the advertising FAQs state that there is no way to get caught, the software is undetectable, and all that is needed is the IMEI number of the phone and the phone number. There are also a number of suggestions on the covert use of the software with typical examples of catching cheating spouses or partners and exposing disloyal or criminal behavior of employees. It does not take much to imagine how one could use the software illegally and not get caught.

Cell phone spy software can be used for good or evil. Knowledge is power and this power can be used to protect property and ensure safety of family members or it can be used to invade the privacy of innocent people with information that can be used against them. Laws preventing the illegal use of spyware, if they exist, are not enforceable right now. Knowing this, you should take steps to prevent the covert installation of spyware on your phone. If you suspect there is spy software on your phone have it removed by your service provider and be more careful.