Spy Phone Software – Protect Yourself From Illegal Use

Spy software for cell phones is selling faster than ever. The prices are coming down, and the new features are so sophisticated that they can replace the services of a private investigator. Phone conversations, as well local conversations when the phone is not being used, can be heard, and all information on the phone including erased material is available to the spy. Anyone can afford this software, and it is easy to install and even easier to use.

Unless you know what to look for, the software is undetectable. Privacy laws and their enforcement have not caught up with what is happening in the marketplace today. This means that each person should be aware that anyone could be spying on his or her phone for any reason. The technology is not going to go away and the best protection is information. You must protect yourself from the illegal use of this software.

Detecting the Spy Software

There are a number of clues that might alert you to the possibility that your phone has spying software on it. Some of the things you should be looking for are:

  • Does the battery need to be charged more often? Spy software uses the battery in the phone.
  • Is the phone hard to shut off? Do you notice it staying on when you have turned it off?
  • Does your phone bill have more text messages than you remember sending? The software can send text messages to the spy without your knowledge.
  • Are their strange background noises or clicks when you are on a call?
  • Does the phone flash sometimes without ringing? The software may be activating remote monitoring.
  • Does the Internet icon show the Internet connection being activated several times a day? This means that the software is gathering information about you.
  • If your invoice includes information about GPRS activity, has there been a marked increase? This means that someone may be tracking your location.

Removing Spy Software

Spying software is easy to remove, simply go to your service provider and have them erase the phone’s memory and restore the factory defaults. Some providers will even walk you through the procedure over the phone. Make sure you have a hard copy of any information you need to keep.

Protect Your Cell Phone

Once You have removed the software from your phone be very careful about who has access to it. A few moments out of your sight and the software can be reinstalled.

Giving a New Meaning to Parenthood With the Help of Spy Phones

We all have passed through stages of life where we were granted freedom, and we came into contact with bad company, went into the wrong path maybe for a short period of time, strayed into drugs, etc. We do not want our children to do all that we have undergone. The vital thing is we can not have direct control on their lives as it will prove us as intimidating and over reacting. In these days of advanced technologies we can actually spy on them without their knowledge and without employing private detectives. The answer is the latest Spy Phone software. These are software that can be directly downloaded to a compatible mobile and will act as a bug.

The various anonymity features it provides includes the following: –

  • It is completely undetectable.
  • It immediately starts recording activities like calls and SMSs.
  • It can secretly upload these data to a web account.
  • You can dial in and listen to surrounding vicinity.
  • It has intelligence auto delete features.
  • It has features related to remote activation and de-activation of Spy Phone feature, Call Conferencing, Text Interception, Boot/SIM change that too on SMS command.

The phone which is under suspicion is known as target phone and the phone which records all activities and is alerted is known as the monitor phone. It is sure to curb cheating, adultery and unfaithfulness. You can use this cellphone spy to keep an eye and ear on your kids, spouse and even employees or friends whom you suspect are doing something wrong. The only requirement is that you need to physically access the mobile for a short period of time to install the software and that call conferencing and call waiting must be activated on the target phone. It can be said as an absolute shadowing feature embedded into a normal cell phone. These phones spy on anybody without letting them know that you are keeping a watch on them. You can listen to the surrounding vicinity of the target phone once you call that number and the target won’t get a whiff about all this.

There are various ways in which you can know if you are being targeted with this GSM spy as your battery will drain up faster than usual and you will notice your SMS count increasing without your knowledge. You will also hear strange clicking noises if you hear attentively while talking on the phone. Give precise attention to these details and you will be able to know if you are being targeted and under suspicion and supervision. These Spy Phones are the latest innovations that science has granted us. As with every other innovation it has its own uses which can also be exploited in some way or the other. It can become a boon are a bane depending on the user. It can be used to steer misguided kids, spouses or friends. It can also be used to compromise national security. Thus proper care should be taken so that it does not end up being seen in a bad light.

Phone Software Spy – 3 Major Followers

Who needs a phone software spy?

Phone software spy is increasingly becoming one of the most coveted mobile applications today. You might wonder, by whom most especially? – by spouses who believe that their better halves are having an affair, by parents, and by company owners. Each may require different and specific needs, but they get to the bottom of it all through this nifty tool – the phone software spy.

The first group of spy shops regulars – those who suspect their spouse/partner is up to no good! Yup, unfortunate but true, there’s a lot of them out there, and phone software spy would be the least expensive way to check on them. It would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to hire a detective. In most cases, an interested party would want to use the phone software spy to prove (or hopefully disprove) that his/her partner is cheating. But cheating isn’t always the mystery to be discovered.

There have been cases where the spouse ended up uncovering his/her spouse’s plot for murder! Scary, unthinkable, but quite possible! Your spouse could be hiding information like conversations with an insurance agent, insuring you for a really huge amount of money, something you should know but were not told. On the less tragic yet still uneasy side of things, one might learn that the spouse may be hiding financial losses and having this software could give you a heads up on this.

Another group of phone software spy aficionados – parents who are always worried about where their children or teenagers might be lurking around. Most parents have this apprehension, but kids [especially teenagers] find this invasive and over-assertive. What kids cannot and will not find so invasive is when their parents buy them sophisticated and cool smart phones like BlackBerrys or iPhones. Parents are the legal owners of these phones since they after all paid for them and the phone accounts are under their names. This gives the parents the legal right to install cell spyware systems on them, and obtain the means to know the exact location of their children at all times using Google Maps.

Another security measure this software provides is the capability of seeing exactly who is calling your kids and who your kids are calling as well. This information includes the time and duration of the call, and the name that has been assigned to that number in the phone book. This feature also extends to text messages, and to top it all, these text messages are accessible even after they’ve been erased on the phone.

Lastly, another group of tracking phone buffs – company employers. Employers give mobile phones to employees for company purposes, not for personal long distance calls and the like. Monitoring the activity of your employees with spy phones software reassures you that the money you pay on mobile calls is being used for company traffic only. The best part is it isn’t as expensive as you would think! It’s a one-time investment you make and you don’t need to install it on all of your employees’ cell phones, just on the ones you already suspect.

Whatever your purpose for investigating somebody, phone software spy does the trick. It’s accurate, inexpensive, and best of all, it gives you the advantage of stealth. You’ll never be found out for spying!