Cell Spy Phone Sim Card Reader

What is a cell phone spy sim card reader?

A Cell phone spy sim card reader or sim card spy is a cell phone data extractor that can be used to spy on wireless phones. They usually can recover deleted text messages that are stored on the target phone. They can be used for a variety of things aside from just spying.

Who will need this device?

The cell phone spy data extractor is for any parent concerned about what their child is doing on their phones. Most parents today have the slightest clue what their child is up to on phones today, in fact, some children even lock their phones from their parents. Are you kidding? Not saying not to give your child privacy, but in the event something goes wrong or they go missing, at least you will know where to start right? The cell phone spy sim card reader is also for anyone with suspicion that they may have a cheating spouse. Instead of hiring a private investigator, or using a cell phone spy software you may use the data extractor or sim card reader.

How does it work?

There is a slot that in the device you will place the sim card, then you insert it into your computer and voila! You will have more than enough information at your finger tips, literally. It will recover current text messages as well as deleted text messages, contacts and address books. It can also be used in a situation where you purchase a new wireless phone and want to transfer your address books and contacts from your old sim card to your phone.

Where can I get more information on this device?

You may get more reviews and information on this and other spy devices at http://www.spyphonepro.com. They also have a video that shows the device in action.